Terms and Conditions

1. Definitions

“Almoroojstore.com” is an online ordering and delivery platform. Almoroojstore.com is available at the website + IOS + Android. Terms like “we” or “our” or “Almorooj” can be used in lieu of Almorooj General Trading Est. herein.
“Customer” means the user who uses Almoroojstore.com platform to place his/her order. Term “you” or “user” or “consumers” may be used to refer to the customer herein.
“Order” means the set of products which are selected by the customer through Almorooj General Trading Est. to be delivered to the designated location.
“Carrier” means any person or corporate to be engaged by Almorooj General Trading Est. to deliver the orders.

2. About us

Almoroojstore.com website is an electronic module which is built to provide online ordering and delivery services in a secured and rapid manner in which the customers are given the opportunity to select restaurant equipment and supplies of various kinds through browsing the website which are displayed, sold and delivered by Almorooj General Trading Est. Almorooj may allow associated merchants to demonstrate their products and sell them to the customers.

3. Access Requirements to Almorooj

Your visit to almoroojstore.com or browsing or access thereto means your acceptance to the current terms and conditions. If you do not agree with all or any of the Terms, your sole recourse is to discontinue your use of almoroojstore.com

Customers are not allowed to use this platform for purposes other than the specified business purposes in this website or in properly or illegally or defective or unauthorized manner. Such prohibition includes but not limited to advertisements, unacceptable language and etc.

The terms and Conditions may change from time to time. Your constant use of Almoroojstore.com after amending the terms and conditions signifies your acceptance to the occurred changes.

Access to this platform sometimes may be unavailable due to maintenance and updating reasons. Almorooj reserves its right to suspend access to the platform and services and close it without prior notice.

Almorooj is not responsible towards the users of the website or third party for the temporary suspension or complete cessation of system.

Some materials and information related to Almorooj or products available on our website may be old. Almorooj is not bound to update such information.

Almorooj may, at any time; provide additional services or change the current services in full or in part.

You shall be held liable for the confidentiality of your access details and any activities taken in your account. If you have certain concerns about your access details kindly contact customersupport@almorooj.com

Noncompliance with any of the terms and conditions may lead to prompt, temporary or permanent withdrawal of your right to use our website.

4. Liability of Products Quality

The customer should satisfy himself/herself about all the information of the product which is displayed on the website in terms of quality and reliability of the product as well as the compliance with the applicable laws and regulations.The manufacturer’s warranty is limited to manufacturing defects only.

5. Warranty

The manufacturer’s warranty is limited to the spare parts and it varies from manufacturer to another. However there some products that are exempt of the warranty. Hence, we only cover the manufacturer’s warranty exclusively. The warranty shall be invalid in any of the following cases:

  • Improper installation by unauthorized persons.
  • In the absence of proper maintenance which is inconsistent with the manufacturer’s guidelines.

6. Installation and Handover

• If you have requested for installation of the purchased product, it might be scheduled on the same day or on a future date.
• Once the goods are installed, and handover is signed, you have accepted the goods in full satisfaction.

7. Delivery and Pick up

• Ex-stock goods are delivered within 7 days from the day you receive an email confirmation on the purchase of Goods subject to prior sales. Out of stock items will be back ordered and delivered on a future set date. You may see a tentative delivery date in the cart which may vary from product to product.
• No delivery will be made on Fridays and Public holidays.

8. Packaging

• The product may not be individually packed, manufacturer’s packing may differ from the purchased unit or in case of any equipment you may receive it without proper packing (cartoon, crate or cover) that doesn’t mean that the product is used or damaged.

9. Provision of Service and Restrictions

• Almorooj shall strive to make its platform constantly available to place orders through all its authorized channels (website + IOS + Android).
• Sale will not be available to all countries. Therefore, no orders will be acceptable to countries that are outside the scope of our service.
• Almorooj solely maintains the right to transfer or assign or sub-contract the benefit of its rights or obligations in full or in part under these conditions to any third party.

10. Online Ordering

• When you place an order from the list of commodities and products displayed through Almorooj platform, an email shall be sent to you confirming the receipt of your placed order successfully.
• If your order is accepted, then, it means that an agreement is made between you and Almorooj.
• The customer shall provide us with their genuine contact details. Almorooj will not be held liable for the delivery conducted at any incorrect and incomplete addresses or contact details.
• We shall keep in touch with you through your telephone to advise you about any announcement for discounts and promotional offers.
• Almorooj shall exert their best efforts to deliver the orders within the agreed time limit. However, some delay may occur due to the volume of order or any other unanticipated circumstances.
• In case you are unavailable at the location of delivery, the driver shall wait for 5 minutes only. Almorooj maintains the right to leave the location and impose additional delivery fees unless you have a justified excuse and contingent like sickness, sudden unforeseeable accidents.
• We may deliver the goods partially if they are not available in full at the time of delivery.
• In case the product is unavailable or out of stock, the customer service center shall keep in touch with you for alternatives. The difference shall be refunded back to you. In case of incomplete payment, you shall be asked for the payment of the difference through any of the available payment options.

11. Cancellation of Order

• If you have ordered Goods, but not received them, you may cancel your order without giving a reason, at any time within 7 days of your order. You will have no obligation and we will return the product value after deducting the bank charges.
• Almorooj reserves the right to cancel any order which contains incorrect and/or incomplete information and in unforeseen circumstances. You will be advised in case your order is cancelled
• Any amounts paid by you prior to cancellation shall be refunded back to you. If you desire to refund such amount, then, you are kindly requested to contact customersupport@almorooj.com
In this case, the refund of money shall be credited within fourteen business days.

12. Pricing

• The price of each product shall be quoted at our platform.
• The prices are variable at any time. However, the fluctuation of prices will not affect the confirmed orders.
• The price of goods excludes delivery fees except the order which is collected at the applicable rates on the date of placement which will be quoted at our website page prior to payment. Orders above KWD 50/order will be free of delivery charges.
• In case manifest errors in prices or improper priced services or products are found, you will promptly be advised to enable the cancellation of order in these cases.
• The prices do not include value added tax (VAT) wherever applicable, VAT shall be charged at point of sale.
• The customer shall be held liable for the payment of import fees and taxes which may be imposed by the state, in case of export.
• Where the ordered product is available in parts, you should pay the value of your order in full prior to the delivery any part thereof.
• The customer shall solely bear the banking fees which are imposed on the recipient bank against our payments. The customer shall bear also all other charges related to payment currency other than the Kuwaiti dinar.
• Information pertaining exchange rates quoted on the platform are approximate only and they fluctuate from time to time.
• Almorooj identifies the minimum limit for orders as KWD 10/order. However, this may vary without any prior notification.
• The value of orders may be settled in cash against delivery, in case the customer cannot make online payment Almorooj may allow the customer to settle the order value in cash provided the order value doesn’t exceed KWD 100/order.
• Delivery and services fees may be applied. Such fees may vary depending on the location of delivery. The fees shall be quoted clearly separately from the prices of products bearing in mind that the delivery fees are variable.

13. Refunding of Funds Policy

• In case of problems with orders, kindly drop in a mail at customersupport@almorooj.com or call 1800121 for help to resolve your problem.
• You should intimate Almorooj that you desire to return the commodities and refund your money within a period not exceeding 14 days from date of delivery.
• If you desire to refund the money, kindly contact customersupport@almorooj.com
• In this case, the refund of money shall be affected within 14 business days from the date of receipt of goods by Almorooj provided that the returned products are in good condition and properly packed and marked.
• Almorooj is not responsible for any delay caused in the refunding process for any reasons attributed to a third party.
• The customer is held solely liable for the cost of returning the goods to Almorooj.
• Delivery charges and bank charges are not refundable.

14. Cases not Eligible for Refunding

• Hygienic and cleaning materials which are opened after delivery.
• Seals which are removed.
• Commodities manufactured according to the customers specifications (custom made orders).
• Damaged commodities due to misuse.

15. Replacement of Defective Goods

• Regarding replacement of commodities, the replacement requirements applicable by each purchase shall be fulfilled separately. Almorooj may not be held liable for any disputes which may arise out of return of product.
• No replacement shall be made except for defective commodities at the time of purchase.
• If we agree that the Goods are faulty, we will repair or replace the Goods as we choose.
• The customer is required to advise Almorooj if he desires to return the defective items within a period no exceeding 14 days from date of receipt.
• Prior to the return of goods to Almorooj, it is advisable to read carefully the user manual and ensure that the item has been properly assembled (taking source of power, measurements and sockets into consideration). If the item is subject to damage while being assembled, no return or replacement will be acceptable.
• In case replacement of the item is agreed upon, the customer is required to do the following:

  • To return the item in good condition.
  • Secured packing should be made.
  • Receipt voucher should be attached.

16. Disclaimer

• You are solely responsible for use of the product at your own risk; hence you are to read the user manual carefully before using the product. We are not responsible for misuse or incorrect use of the product. If you require any training or help to understand how to use the product, you have to intimate us via email to customersupport@almorooj.com.
• We shall not be liable to you for any loss or expense arising out of or in connection with your use of Our Website, which is indirect or consequential loss, or economic loss or other loss of turnover, profits, business or goodwill. This applies whether in an action of contract, negligence or otherwise, even if such loss was reasonably foreseeable or we knew you might incur it.

17. Privacy Policy and Data

• Almorooj may not share your personal information with foreign entities except for the delivery of your order to your location.
• Almorooj may not maintain the data of your credit card or ATM card.
• In case payment is made through a credit card / ATM card, your coded card data will be sent to the concerned company for authorization purposes.
• For further information, kindly visit the Privacy Policy at our platform.

18. Intellectual Property Rights

• Almorooj is the sole owner and authorized holder of all intellectual property rights of this platform and all relevant services. All these rights are reserved in its favor.
• No reproduction of any content of our website or reverse engineering process or re-publication or downloading or transmission may be made in any way whatsoever except for your personal use.
• Almorooj reserves all its legal rights towards any infringer to these intellectual property rights in terms of statements, colors, shapes and all contents thereof.
• Almorooj shall have the right to claim for the reasonable indemnity for the caused damages due to any infringement whether through reproduction or infringement in any way whatsoever.

19. Force Majeure

• Almorooj may not be responsible for any delay or failure in the delivery of goods or performance of any obligation in case of any unforeseeable public contingent event occurs which makes its fulfillment to its obligations impossible including but not limited to war, riots, rebellion, earth quake, storms, floods or any other natural catastrophe.

20. Governing Law and Jurisdiction

• The terms and conditions of this website shall be governed and construed according to state of Kuwait Laws. Any disputes or claims which may arise out of these terms and conditions shall be referred to the courts of state of Kuwait for settlement.